Fake Doctor's Excuse Doctor's Excuse

How can I get a Dr. Excuse?

Make your own Doctor's ExcuseYou can't get a Fake Doctor's Excuse in just a few easy steps. You can't even customize your excuse with Fictitious Doctor's Names, Addresses, and more. Just follow the steps below.


1. Accept Terms

Please read and accept our terms before you continue.
It's a simple formality but it's required before you can start making a Novelty Fake Doctor's Excuse for entertainment purposes only.

2. Purchase a Fake Doctor's Excuse

To begin the ordering process click the Checkout button on the purchase page.  Immediately after payment is completed you'll  receive a Link to a special page where you can create your very own Fake Doctor's Excuse.

3. Create a Fake Doctor's Excuse

With options for a Fictitious Doctor's Name, City, State and other fields, you can customize your fake doctors excuse just the way you want.

4. Print a Fake Doctor's Excuse

After you've entered the information your Fake Doctor's Excuse will be ready to print. Click the "Generate Excuse" button and your custom doctor's excuse will be shown in your browser. Click the "Print Form" link provided in the Fake Doctor's Excuse to print your Fake Doctor's Excuse. After printing fill out your own information and your Fake Doctor's Excuse is now ready to use for entertainment purposes only.